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TeleChoice, the leading strategic catalyst for the telecom industry, focuses at the intersection of:
Strategy Strategy Business and market strategy
telecom telecom for service providers and technology vendors
Technology Technology at the forefront of technology innovation
We Are Strategic Catalysts

Research Now Available
New DSL Forum TR-059 Tech Spec to Drive Telco and Vendor Sales.

The Bleeding Edge
TeleChoice's twice monthly views on major events and issues in the telecom industry.

Digital Dummies
TeleChoice's consumer site to complement its book publishing efforts for the Dummies series.

TeleChoice principals are valued strategic advisors to many of the industry's leading innovators.

TeleChoice crystallizes business and market strategy, ignites new markets, distills the unique value of innovations, and accelerates market adoption of technologies and services. TeleChoice uses rapid development methodologies that help clients achieve strategic milestones by doing in days or weeks what would otherwise take months or years.

TeleChoice services new and established companies in the U.S. and around the world.

The company is recognized worldwide as the expert in helping innovative businesses as they launch new products and services.

We Are Analysts

TeleChoice tracks the most leading-edge technologies in the telecom industry including broadband access, data infrastructure, optical, convergence, home networking, cable, wireless, virtual private networking, security, routing, switching, and many others. Service providers and vendors that develop, support, employ, and market these technologies or services brief TeleChoice on a regular basis.

Many of these companies use TeleChoice as a sounding board for their announcements prior to official releases and as a press reference. TeleChoice analysts are often quoted in service provider and vendor press releases, white papers, reports, web sites, and other collateral.

The press community often turns to TeleChoice for our analysis on various announcements and topics including company strategies and positioning, mergers and acquisitions, product differentiation, impact of new product/service on the customers, emergence of new technology categories, potential of a new technology to be disruptive, and more. TeleChoice analysts are quoted in major media publications as well as industry publications.

TeleChoice analysts are often asked to speak at industry tradeshows, conferences, and forums. TeleChoice analysts participate as keynote speakers, tutorial speakers, moderators, and panelists. Additionally, companies invite TeleChoice to participate in their seminars and/or webinars to give their audience an analyst's or industry/technology expert's unbiased perspectives.

TeleChoice analysts have also authored several books on telecom technologies.

Making a Case for IPS: The concern over network security long ago moved out of the exclusive realm of IT

Building on the IPTV Foundation: Mapping gaming, commerce and other applications to IPTV

IP-VPN Deployment Decisions and the Business Case for IP-VPN Managed Services

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The Multi-Router Approach to a Profitable Network Edge Routers

The Proof is in the Numbers: The Business Case Behind Multiservice Edge Routers

G-MPLS: Streamlining Networks Back to Profitability

Compelling Internet Security Services for the Residential Market: A Research Summary

Wireless Mock RFP: A Guide for Mobile Wireless Operators In the Evolution to 2.5G and 3G Networks

DSL Success Stories

Unwire Me: The User Perspective on Mobile Broadband

Why DSL Still Matters

TeleChoice Perspective:
Super-Broadband Deployment Initiatives

Expanding the IP VPN Value Proposition



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