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Who we are.

TeleChoice consultants are among the most widely respected and influential advisors in the the industry today. Our clients are the thought-leaders of today and tomorrow and represent the industry's most innovative people and companies.

TeleChoice thrives on helping each client make the most of its compelling competencies and differentiators. We live for the next new challenge, the next new innovation, and the next new problem. Our people love creating solutions and helping companies build value in their unique businesses and products. Our work ranges from defensible strategies to practical implementation tactics.

Over 80 percent of our business each year comes from previous customers and word-of-month referrals. The relationships we build with our customers typically span many years, many job titles, and sometimes even many companies in the case of serial entrepreneurs. For TeleChoice, an individual project may take a few days or a few weeks, but the relationships we build last much longer.

TeleChoice is a Catalyst.... we help speed things up. Each person at TeleChoice is both an analyst and a consultant, a very unique mix of knowledge and skills unmatched elsewhere in the industry. As analysts we continually learn about new innovations and interact regularly with the press and the industry at large. Our people are widely quoted in major business and industry publications. They write articles, books and columns, and are often speakers at conferences and seminars worldwide. As consultants we are narrowly focused on applying our knowledge and real-world experience to create defensible business and market strategies and the high-impact tactics that will make these strategies successful with target customers.

Since the company was founded in 1985, TeleChoice has become the name communications and networking companies associate with speed, integrity, knowledge, and experience. TeleChoice is recognized worldwide as the expert in launching telecom innovations. Each of our consultants comes with an average of 10 years hands-on experience creating and launching innovations into new and emerging markets. You don't have to teach us the technology or the industry, just your company's unique value and differentiation.

Each engagement is custom designed to achieve a specific goal or solve a specific problem. We typically work based on a fixed fee per engagement; there are no surprises. Before we get started we agree with our client on a budget, time frame, process, and final deliverable, unless you retain our services monthly for ongoing advice and counsel. In this case, regular and ongoing interaction occurs all year for a fixed monthly fee.

TeleChoice is all about helping its clients achieve success and reach strategic goals. Call us or e-mail to talk about how we might work together.

Where We Are

TeleChoice is a virtual company operating in multiple locations in the US and abroad. Our headquarters is:

Our primary physical locations are listed below:

Connecticut Office - Boston Area
803 Warrenville Road
Mansfield Center, CT 06250
860.429.0100 (voice)
860.429.0200 (fax)

Virginia Office - Administrative
P.O. Box 17858
Richmond, VA 23226
804.288.6864 (voice)
804.288.6953 (fax)



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