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TeleChoice offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain continuous knowledge of leading-edge innovations, develop creative new strategies, develop a high-profile personal brand, and increase your market value.

Surrounded by the industry's best and brightest, you will be continuously challenged and enriched. You will work with the most innovative, entrepreneurial people in the industry and help them create differentiated and compelling business and market strategies. We only take the best, and we will make you even better.

There's More...

Balance. We share a focused, intense effort at work and an appreciation for home, family, and friends. An unparalleled vacation package encourages work-life balance.

Culture. TeleChoice is fun, informal, and intense. TeleChoice employees are flexible, enjoy a fast-paced environment, and thrive on change. Our goals are achieved through both individual effort and teamwork.

Continuous Learning. You are paid to get smarter. You work on the leading-edge of technology and service developments.

Value. We create value for clients and employees. TeleChoice consultants look back each year on dozens of accomplishments. If you think you multi-task now, you will refine the art at TeleChoice.

Financial. In addition to a competitive salary, performance incentives, profit sharing, and stock options, TeleChoice employees share in stock gained in exchange for executive consulting services with many of the industry's hottest startups.



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